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Rwanda Library Project

Dear Friends & Family, A colleague of mine in Rwanda is raising money to get books sent to his village.  He is a great volunteer and wants to help his kids. He is using the same NGO that helped Carina and I to receive books (International Book Project). If you are interested in helping him, please see his email below.


Hello all.

 I would like to offer the chance for you to make a difference in the lives of 600 students in Rwanda.

 As most of you know, I teach at a secondary school in Rwanda. Teaching in Rwanda presents many challenges. One of the biggest of those is lack of resources. Imagine trying to study for your high school exams without having access to books. That’s why I’m trying to help the school that I work at get a shipment of donated books sent to them.

 I am working with the International Book Project (IBP) to get a pallet of books shipped here. All of the books are already donated. We just have to raise the money to pay for the shipping cost. You can help by going to the link below and donating, or by passing this information along to others who may be interested in helping. Even small donations help!

 Please indicate that your donation is “on behalf of PCV Michael Amerson.”

 IBP is a reputable organization that has been used by other Peace Corps Volunteers in Rwanda to get books to their communities.

 Thanks for your help!

 Michael Amerson

Education Volunteer

Peace Corps Rwanda


One response


    Really good place to make a donation!  Will be happy to give for mor e books.

    March 1, 2013 at 5:18 am

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