Only regret what you haven’t done. -Unknown

Help Found!!

I want to thank everyone for reading my previous blow. Many of you stepped up very quickly with love, kindness, sympathy, and generosity. A kind family has stepped up and decided to support Arsest in the upcoming school year. Thanks to this family, at least one  student will have a chance to further his education and better the lives of not only himself, but his family and younger siblings. That is one thing that is amazing in Rwanda, if one family member succeeds in life, he/she will support their family when possible without being asked. The family unit is very strong in Rwanda and we could learn a lot from it.

Thanks again for your kindness and thoughts. If you weren’t able to donate money, you can always donate thoughts and prayers for the people of Rwanda.

Here is a pretty cool video showcasing the beauty of the land in Rwanda if you are interested:



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