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Safest Country in Africa

Recently, Rwanda was voted the safest place to live in Africa. I couldn’t agree with this statement more. In Kigali, you can be out on the streets or in the market and never feel threatened. While it can be intimidating at first, you quickly find helpful and kind people in the sea of people at the markets and bus stations. I have not once – not once in two years – felt any serious threat to my safety. That is amazing!! I have never even had that sort of safety back in Houston.

In Kigali, the streets are literally swept everyday by an army of workers. While this isn’t practical, it is giving basic jobs to some who may have to beg otherwise. The streets are also lined with beautiful trees and palm trees in the medians. The contrast of the mountains in the distance and the 5 lush hills that Kigali sits on make for a dramatic view.

I want to congratulate Rwanda for acheiving such a safe environment where Rwandans and expatriates alike feel safe. Anybody who wants to see a model African city should most definately visit Kigali.

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One response

  1. Mark

    My daughter said the same about Kigali- that she felt safer there than on the streets around the University of Pittsburgh.

    All of Rwanda may not be so lucky- Gisenyi seems to be potentially dangerous place at the moment:

    November 20, 2012 at 4:19 pm

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